About Us

Our Vision

The vision of West Africa Leadership and Youth Ministries, Inc. is to establish churches and community outreach efforts in remote regions of West Africa. We will achieve this by planting churches in remote regions such as those in Togo, Ghana, and Benin and by holding theological workshops and seminars for pastors. We will also assist schools in West African communities by providing them with school supplies and materials, establishing libraries and clinics in low-income areas, organizing soccer tournaments, holding religious services in high schools and providing assistance for elderly widows such as food pantries and financial assistance.

                                    In the Areas of Ministry

Kossi-Selom GBAFA

I met Selom in the summer of 2009 in one of our Baptist Churches in Togo. I quickly notice his passion and zeal for The Lord. I approached him and ask him about his future plans. He told me that he believes that God called him to full-time ministry and he would love to go to Bible school to be trained. The Lord opened the Bible school door for him and he went September 2016. He finished his 3 years in Ghana Baptist Theological Institute with Diploma in Theology. He is currently doing his Bachelor Degree in Maranatha Bible University in Accra, Ghana. He will be finishing in the summer of 2021.


Selom will be assisting me in the areas of Pastoral-Leadership Training, Church Planting, and Youth Ministries.


Marius is one of my uncles’ son who has several talents. He is currently in his 2nd year in Bible School in Ghana. Before going to Bible school, Marius served in his church as Worship Leader and worked with children Sunday School.


Marius will be working with me and working in the areas of music, worship, and children ministry.

Ounim & Family

I met Ounim during one of my church planting trip. Before I met Ounim, he was hoping that one day The Lord will open a ministry door for him and his family. Praise God that this prayer was answered. He finished the 1st part of his training and will be completing the 2nd part by the end of Summer 2019.


Ounim will be helping me in the areas of Pastoring and Evangelism in the Mountain Villages, which are in the North-West of Togo.


Kodjo is one of the people I grew up with. His father is one of the chaplains at Mission Hospital in Togo. His passion resides in children ministries. He also loving singing in Worship/Praise team. Kodjo will be serving with WALYM in the Children Outreach Program. This latter program is one of the means by which we reach villages that do not have churches.

In The Areas of Christian Education (Christian Ed)

Komla & Lucie KANEBIA

Komla and Lucie have passion for Christian Education. Komla had a desire to be English teacher since High School. We praise God this dream became a reality. He is currently teaching English in Junior High in one of the villages where we are working on a church plant.

Lucie is accepted into Maranatha Bible University in Accra Ghana. She will be going to school there the Summer of 2019. She will hopefully complete her degree in Christian Education by the Summer of 2021.

Komla and Lucie will be helping me in the areas of Christian Education in Togo, Lomé area.

Komla Lebene GADAGBOE

Komla and I were friend since we were little. Komla and I farmed together to support ourselves in school while we were only teenagers. I led Komla to Christ when I was 15 years old and he was 16 years old. Komla’s desire to be a scientist in research when he grew up. Because this ambition, he took his science classes in, junior high, high school, and university very seriously. Komla believe that training young mind is better than being stock in a Research Lab. He is currently teaching Biology and Math in a Junior High School in Lome (The photo behind him).

Komla will be helping me in the areas of Christian Education as science teacher.

Biamse Doku & Family

I met Biamse in High School. I had the opportunity to lead him to The Lord while where in High School. He has become a great from and complete his Teacher’s training last year and his his certification in Elementary teaching. He is now a teacher to Kinder Garden in a village up north in Togo. Biamse will be helping me in the areas of Christian Education.

In The Administrative Area

Immacule “Imma” Woaku

I met Imma in 2015 during my internship in Lome. She attends the church I was serving in. She teaches Children Sunday School. Imma is really gifted in areas of secretariat and administration. She will be assisting me in the areas of administrative and secretariat works.

She will be helping in the areas of Event Coordination and will possibly help in at the Christian School.

Jeremy Koffi Agbozo

I had the opportunity to meet Jeremy while we were in high school in 2004. One of his gifts is math. He loves numbers and is currently finishing his Bachelor in Economic Science in University of Lomé, Togo.

Jeremy is already using his talent to help me with WALYM budgeting and project expenses. He is also working on a project of Economic Development that will enable some pastors to be financially independent.