Program Goals

The organization has as DNA church-plant works and training pastors. There are still several areas in the west part of Africa where the gospel is not heard. Our desire is to plant Bible believing churches that will thrive and grow to the point of reproduction. 

Leadership: Pastoral training, Church plant, Church administration, and doctrine. 

Youth Ministry: Camping, Bible Study in High School, Vacation Bible School, and Sport.

Biblical Church Planting

Church planting and training are the main components of this organization. There are numerous remote regions of Togo, Ghana, and Benin where there are no Bible-believing churches. The roadmap for this project will be done through men and women who have received their training through WALYM Bible Training Center and are well equipped to train and disciple others. Training the nationals to reach their own people has proved to have a greater effect on discipleship and church planting. They don’t need to study the language, or need to learn the culture, and they already know all the cultural taboos. 

Your prayers for and sponsorship of these nationals will enable them to reach the people you will never be able to reach. These nationals eat the same food the people eat and sleep in the same places like the rest of the people. The cost to fully support these national pastors is $360 per month. However, even $40 per month will enable them to carry out this noble task in a limited but effective way.

We pray that you will partner with WALYM to effectively spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to West Africans.

West Africa Pastoral Seminar (W.A.P.S)

The apostles Jesus called, He also trained. The pastoral gift is from the Lord, but ministers must be trained in the Word of the Lord and learn how to take care of the sheep the Lord placed under their care. One of the main purposes for the WAPS program is to equip pastors who do not have much biblical training and who would not be able to go back to Bible school because of church and family obligations. WAPS is not just designed to assist less trained pastors. The program has in its DNA the goal of refreshing these ministers of the Lord and of teaching them things they probably have never heard or reinforcing what they have heard but are not practicing. The WAPS is divided into three main sections: teaching, doctrinal workshops, and corporate worship.  

On some occasions, WALYM provides meals during lunch and break time. Whether we believe it or not, there are pastors and other leaders who come without food. WALYM doesn’t have its own teachers but partners with teachers from U.S. and Africa who adhere to the WALYM doctrinal statement. 

This program usually takes place in the summer (June-July) and in the winter (December-February). If you have your pastoral vacation or leave and you want to invest that time in teaching, please consider contacting us for more details.

Evangelistic Football Tournament (EFT)

The goal is to make disciples out of all nations through soccer (football) tournaments. This program has three main components to it. First, the players gather together, instructions about the tournament are given, and we pray with them before they take their positions on the field. Second, after the first half, the players are seated and we distribute some refreshing drinks. By the time they have rested well enough, an appointed person shares the Gospel with all the players and spectators. The Good News is always well presented. We make sure they understand that Jesus Christ is their only hope. After the preaching, the second half of the game starts. Third, they play for another 45 minutes and then they are called to come back and sit for the second part of the preaching. This time, we give a clear invitation to accept Jesus. 

We believe that they have had enough time on the field during the second half of the game to think about what they have heard about Jesus during the first preaching. We have seen 100 young people accept Jesus into their lives through this program. This program is another opportunity for sportsmanship, where other believers playing shine The LIGHT for the unsaved players to see. Those who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior are then connected to the local Bible-believing church in the area.

Education for West Africa (E. W. A)

The education system in West Africa is not the greatest. The lack of education is one of the factors that fosters poverty in Africa. Most of the issues are related to the lack of money for tuition, but this is not the only factor. Another is the fact that the educational systems in some parts of Africa have not been updated since the colonial time. For this reason, many kids graduate from schools but have limited knowledge and a narrow worldview. Another problem is that the current education system does not provide or teach critical thinking, something that will help students to be more rational instead of biased. It is hard for many students to make decisions about the next steps simply because the current education system does not provide “visioneering” and innovation at all. 

WALYM’s goal is to establish schools in West Africa that will be a guide for students to make the right decisions regarding their future careers. WALYM’s educational system will also incorporate vocational studies. This will help students acquire skills and an entrepreneurship that will assist them in starting their own business or getting jobs more easily. 

The lack of proper educational tools is another issue WALYM encountered during its research. There are several schools, from elementary school to high school, with no libraries or labs for testing. Though there might be some exceptions, these schools and institutions do not necessarily have all the tools and elements they should have. Our goal is to encourage and strengthen reading and provide some schools with the appropriate supplies (libraries and computer labs) while trying to build new ones. One part of this project will be to establish a community library, where students, pastors, and community members will have enough resources for their studies. Is this your area of expertise? Please contact us to see how the Lord might use you to train teachers in Africa, build libraries in communities, and supply schools with the appropriate resources.

Jesus in High School (J.H.S)

West Africa junior and senior high schools are known for several forms of immorality and various depressive situations. The knowledge of Jesus and the fear the Lord are the only ways to hope in Christ Jesus. The goal is to take Jesus into these schools by various forms of Bible study groups, sports, retreats, and camping programs. The main program is the Bible study called Lumière Dans La Cité (Light in the City). Every Wednesday, around 12:30pm after classes, we assemble students in the main hall. After some snacking, we sing and then have someone present the Gospel to them. We also have sections where some of these high school students are provided counseling if needed. We often run into many needs.

Several of these students could only afford half of their tuition. Though this tuition is basically nothing in our U.S. currency (about $40/semester), it’s a struggle for many families to come up with this amount to cover their children’s tuition. This is one way WALYM shares the love of Jesus with these kids. The tuition for 5 students could be paid for an entire semester with only $200. The number of years to complete high school is 3 years. If the Lord lays it on your heart to support a student in a high school or just to give a one-time gift toward this goal, please contact us for more details.

Mama Akotsu Project (MAP)

In Africa, children are often the parents’ social solution to their retirement needs. Poverty and the lack of education prevent many people from having well-paying jobs that can guarantee a stable retirement. It is therefore expected that each child will take care of his parents when they can no longer care for themselves. Though it is biblical for children to help their parents, many children cannot even care for themselves, and therefore they can’t care for their elderly or sick parents. This has left several elderly men and women alone to starve almost every day. The Bible repeatedly says that we should not forget the widows and orphans that are in our midst. 

Apostle Paul told Timothy in 1 Tim. 5:3 “Give proper recognition to those widows who are really in need.” Could you imagine yourself at the age of 60 and older when you could no longer work without a retirement fund nor any social or government funds or financial assistance? If you can imagine yourself in that situation and what it feels like, then you have an idea what these widows are going through (not by choice) in silence.

The procedures for the Mama Aktosu Project is:

  1. To provide food through a food pantry to widows who do not have their children helping them. Though this food distribution will begin in the church, it will not be limited to the widows of the church only.
  2. To reach out to other elderly ladies who have almost finished their life and help them come to Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.
  3. To use this opportunity to have a weekly Bible study with them. Since 97% of them are illiterate, they would have someone read them the Bible in their local dialects and explain it to them.

Christian Counseling Office (CCO)

The surprising thing in this part of Africa is that many churches have no support groups. The leaders are not trained to provide counseling to their struggling members. Some African women and teens are suffering from abuse of various forms. Almost none of the churches have counseling programs. Pastors barely have time to prepare their sermons and therefore have no time to counsel those in their churches who are hurting from various things. Though WALYM has a training program for pastors and leaders in these areas, WALYM also has the goal of providing counseling to brothers and sisters in Christ and to the communities as well.

Health for Africa Women and Children (H.A.W.C)

There are numerous myths in Africa regarding sickness and diseases.  While most of the sicknesses are considered to be from demons and fetish doctors, few are considered as treatable at hospitals. The objective of WALYM is to provide health education through the HAWC program. The goal is to eradicate the myths and educate West Africans how they can take better care of themselves and their babies. It is evident that women and children are the most vulnerable in these health situations. WALYM has the vision to establish a few clinics for general practice as well as a pediatric unit. HAWC is a platform WALYM will use to fight malaria and other tropical diseases in West Africa.